Beitek has built a global network of customers, suppliers and manufacturers. We leverage all of our demand to increase our buying power which allows us access to world class pricing across many product classes. We then turn around and offer the pricing to our customers to help them save money on their bottom line.



Beitek has built a global network of customers, suppliers and manufacturers. By maintaining a firm grip on market trends and industry information we ensure product availability in the most constrained market situations. In most cases we use the information to make strategic purchases to have stock available for our customers



At Beitek we understand that customers cannot always take large inventory positions even though the pricing available may dictate it. In cases like this we over the use of our global logistics services to over our version of VMI. We allow our customers to purchase various quantities of product that we hold in our warehouse for shipment according to need or strict schedule. This allows our customers to make larger purchases and take advantage of preferential pricing without the headache taking on the inventory.  We do not risk continuity of supply that would surface if we tried to purchase based on ship dates.



At the speed by which technology evolves and new peripherals and circuits are introduced, organizations are often compelled to place Last Time Buys. In such instances, the organization’s product has been in production for some time and suddenly there is an alert from one of your suppliers indicating that one of your components or peripheral devices (e.g. processor, motherboard, memory module etc.) is on its way to obsolescence and you are instructed to conduct a Last Time Buy. Beitek partners with our customers and can provide our VMI solution to these bulk purchases as well. In addition, this situation can worsen when the device in question is an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). In this scenario, you may be left with a single source for the supply of the hardware and finding a direct replacement in the market is not possible.Last Time Buys can happen to anyone at any time and it is extremely difficult to forecast in most cases.

With its extensive experience in the field of electronics and information technology, together with its strategic alliances with the industry manufacturers and a large network of distributors, Beitek will locate quality compatible replacements in a timely manner to fulfill your short-term technology requirements and to facilitate your long-term transition to a new platform. Furthermore, by registering your components with Beitingtek, we will advise you in advance, through our sophisticated MRP/ERP system, when one of your peripherals is en route to obsolescence so that you can properly plan your production runs



Beitek understands the struggles of being a manufacturer in this current market. Because of the constant pressures to have material available there are often situations where our customers are left with excess inventory due to project cancellations, overbuys and changes to customer specifications. Through this program, Beitek will make a cash down payment at a fixed percentage of the book value of your inventory. This allows you to immediately transfer title of the goods and get it off your books. Beitek will then proceed to sell the inventory at premium values over a 90-day period employing its network of over 1,000 customers globally and to share the profits at a fixed predetermined rate.

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